Who is CampingKitHire.com

Hello and welcome to our first blog, ever!!! We’re really excited and we hope that you are to and we hope that you find what we have to say fun, entertaining and insightful.

We are a merry band of camping enthusiasts that recently started working with school kids. We felt, that all children should have the opportunity to experience and love the outdoors, just like us. After all, they will be the custodians of tomorrow and we want to make sure the Great British countryside remains a beautiful and exciting place, for all the people in Britain.

However, very quickly we found 3 issues. One, we had no idea how to work with kids. Two, many kids and parents were scared of nature. Three, too many kids simply can’t afford to go camping in the countryside.

You’re probably thinking, but camping isn’t that expensive. But then you’re probably someone that goes camping often. You’ve had the time to build up your kit, knowledge and DIY maintenance skills. As outdoor regulars, we are able to do 2 things; First, our kit is worth a lot but the chances are we never had to buy it all in one go. So we could spread the cost out over a large period of time; Second, we have the knowledge to reduce the amount we pay. By maintaining and fixing our kit and understanding the equipment jargon from the sales pitches (though believe me, I’ve fallen for many sales pitches in my lifetime) we can overcome certain financial constraints. Unfortunately, many children aren’t able to do either of these.

So that’s when we decided to buy lots of kit. We wanted to make sure all kids could access good quality kit at a reasonable price. This helps them to get them into the camping hobby, without big financial risk. Hopefully, some grow up to love the outdoors and slowly start to build their own kit. When we realised the cost of maintaining and storing so much kit, we decided to hire it out. So was born, CampingKitHire.com. Bringing us to where we are now. Though we are a profit making company (we won’t shy away from that) we also use some of our money to help kids from poorer backgrounds get in to camping. So if you ever hire from us, you will know that some of your money also goes to the next generation of our countries guardians.

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