Frequently asked questions

We can deliver to almost any mainland UK address. As long as one of our couriers can get there, we can deliver there. You will receive a tracking number so that you can monitor your package.

Orders are delivered Monday to Friday (excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays). We aim to have your equipment delivered to your preferred delivery address the day before the first hire day. If your hire begins on a Monday or day after a Bank Holiday you will not receive the package until the first hire day so you may want to begin your hire earlier to avoid disappointment. You will receive a tracking number so that you can monitor your package.

It is your responsibility, as the hirer, to sign for the order when delivered by our courier. Generally, campsite owners will be too busy with their own customers to deal with your equipment and may not be able to store it for you until you arrive (bear in mind we cannot specify an exact time of delivery). However this is something you can arrange with the campsite, as long as a signature can be provided, but you will be fully liable for any damage or loss.

We currently do not have the ability for you to collect or return the equipment directly to us. This is something we are working on and hope to offer this soon.
Some items can become damaged due to wear and tear, in very rare cases, extreme weather may cause unavoidable damage to equipment. As part of your contract to us, you are agreeing to follow sensible guidelines and follow manufacturer instructions during your hire which will, in such cases, avoid any damage occurring. We assess each incident of damage on a case by case basis and cannot rule out the possibility of you losing part or all of your deposit. As a general rule, our policy tends to be more lenient.
We will ship your package out to arrive the day before the first day of hire. The courier maybe able to offer a redelivery the following day or you maybe able to collect your package from a ‘pick up’ point. This is completely dependent on the courier and we advise customers to ensure they do not miss the first delivery by choosing an appropriate delivery address. Please note, if the package is returned to us as delivery was not be made you will not be returned the hire or delivery cost.
Equipment should be returned complete, in good order and condition. Place all the items inside the box they were delivered to you in and securely seal it with the security tags (if provided) or parcel tape, then contact the delivery company, used to deliver the items to you (instructions on the back of the delivery note) and arrange for them to pick up the package and return it to us. Please note, if equipment is not picked up by the delivery company 24 hours after the last day of hire you may lose part of your deposit. Please keep any proof of delivery in case of any disputes.
Even though we appreciate any and all efforts to return equipment early we are, unfortunately, not able to return or refund on this basis.
You would need to email us to discuss this. We would offer you a competitive price, taking into consideration how many times the equipment has been used, however, this may not always be possible depending on when the equipment is needed next. Any queries should be made before the end of the hire period otherwise you may lose part of your deposit if equipment is not returned when originally agreed.
All bookings must take place at least 72 hours (3 days) before you need them, however, to ensure your items are in stock we suggest you book at least 3 weeks in advance.
Please phone or email us to discuss, well in advance. We will, of course, help whenever possible but it might already be booked out straight after your booking and we may need it back as originally agreed.
We do not currently offer this, however, it maybe something we can offer in the future. Just remember, it’s not as difficult as you might think to set up the kit yourself, and most other campers are friendly souls who will like nothing better than to help out fellow campers arriving on a campsite. Don’t be to shy to ask for help and accept their offer of help if you need it!
We have an eBay shop that you can access through our website home page where we sell all our old and damaged hire stock at low prices.
All customers must pay the deposit and hire fee up front, with the exception of schools, or large hires if approved. This is because there is no system, currently, that can guarantee any bank will pay out non-captured payments after 2 days.
As a business, we do not shy away from profit, as a result we look for cost effective solutions for all our hires. However, we are also a business that tries to work with the environment and want everyone to appreciate the outdoors. We, therefore, try to understand our impact on the environment and, as such, try to use robust reusable shipping containers and other packaging as much as possible. We are constantly working to reduce the amount of packaging, fillers and plastics we use, try to use only recyclable, renewable and biodegradable products and recycle as much of our waste as possible through approved recycling sites only. Where possible we buy British products to further reduce the our carbon footprint. These are a few of the ways we try to be ‘Green’. We are currently looking at how we can reduce the amount of chemicals we use when cleaning and renewing our equipment to ensure you get good quality equipment but without polluting our rivers and oceans.
It is your responsibility, as the hirer, to sign for the order when delivered by our courier. If you are not able to sign for the package it can be signed for by the person on reception. However, please be aware that you will be fully liable for any damage or loss.
We don’t currently have any packages yet (coming soon), but we do offer discounts from 10-30% and free delivery depending on the size of the order. We will apply these automatically to your quote, if they fit the criteria.